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Our objective is to deliver as much knowledge to you through our training sessions and help you become successful Cloud Computing Expert.We provide training on number of cloud computing sections and modify these courses according to the need of every student.

Cloud is the latest way of delivering computing resources. Cloud has rapidly become the modern paradigm of computing in the business world. As the IT field evolves it is necessary to couple new technologies with innovative concept. One of the present concepts that suits that description in the IT world is called cloud computing. Cloud leverages virtualization technology and in the core of Cloud computing there is a logical separation between different nodes, each node appears as a different physical machine to the user.

Cloud have many security features to safe guard the members information some of them are

  • Shifting public data to a external cloud reduces the exposure of the internal sensitive data,
  • Cloud homogeneity makes security auditing/testing simpler,
  • Clouds enable automated security management
  • Redundancy / Disaster Recovery

A Students/Candidate/Professionals learn cloud computing approaches with following category:
  • Gain in-depth knowledge in typical Cloud Architectures and Designs
  • To have a better understanding of Governance and related policies behind Cloud
    deployment and management
  • A deep-dive into Cloud Virtualization and its related technologies as a driver behind
    Cloud resources provisioning
  • To understand what are the new and emerging technologies from the proliferation of Cloud
  • Have a hands-on approach in building your very own Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS)Cloud
Different categories of cloud computing approaches:

  • Public cloud,
  • Community cloud,
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

You deploye computing to the network platform like SAAS,PAAS,IAAS. Here we provide you information about latest Cloud computing techniques those will help you in your career

We also provide expert and professional assistance to colleges & companies for training program lectures.
Undergoing the corporate Cloud Computing training, employees will experience a new positive approach
towards cloud computing and develop the computing skills and expertise in short duration of time.














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