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Summer / winter internship on live project

Welcome to the Internship Program

»Looking for an internship or other experience? Already have a job you’d like to use to grow professionally? We’re at your service to get the most from your out-of-class learning!. We offer internship opportunities to candidates who are students or working professionals.


»We Offer both types of internship program to the candidates. As you know that there are two main types of internship: ones that are paid and ones that are not. Most internships are unpaid. This is because the student is not there to earn money, but rather to earn valuable knowledge and experience. At Technosoft Infomatics here if you want paid internship then prerequisite technical internship experience is required with essential development knowledge to work on live platform.

Paid internships differ from unpaid internships in terms of workload and flexibility. If you are being paid for an internship, you may be treated more like an employee. You are more obligated to do whatever work is assigned to you no matter how tedious and repetitive it may be, unless of course the learning contract you have in place with your org. and employer prohibits this. No matter what internship you choose, don’t disqualify an opportunity based on pay or no pay. Choose the internship that will stimulate your mind, offer you a great learning experience, and potentially lead you to a part time or full-time opportunity.
You Must Treat Your Work Load As : "Short term pain, long term gain". Right ?



  • You make valuable professional connections and contacts. An internship can help a student
    start to build a professional network that can be a resource for the student. A network can
    help a student make well-informed decisions about their career and connect them with
    other professionals or opportunities that will help a student achieve success in a field.
  • You beef up your cv/resume,
  • At an internship, a candidate practice and improve their industry skills while also learning
    how to work.,
  • It gives you a brief idea of trouble shooting in real time,
  • It gives you a brief idea of project planning,analysis,requirement gathering ability,database
    implementation,strong code development,different types of testing technique in real time,
  • It gives you a real life exposure to deploy live project,
  • It gives you an exposure that how to work in a team,
  • An internship can be a real confidence builder for a candidate. Being successful in the real
    world can inspire a student to work harder at college, and be more willing to take
    on challenges or be outside of his/her comfort zone.,
  • At an internship, a student/candidate learn what the roles and responsibilities of a
    particular career are from people working in the field. What sort of projects do they
    work on? What skills and knowledge do they need to perform this job? Where did they
    get their education?,
  • Internships help candidate master professional soft skills such as communication,
    punctuality and time management. These are skills that are key for success at a job and
    college and are highly sought after by companies. Many employers complain that there
    are few candidates with excellent soft skills.
  • Having successfully completed an internship makes a job candidate more attractive to
    employers. Many companies prefer to hire students who have completed internship
    programs. This is because interns have better work habits, possess excellent soft
    skills, and have higher technical and industry skills since they have received formal job
    training and professional guidance ,


» Corporate Java / J2EE
» Python Development
» Machine Learning
» Artificial Intelligence
» Neural Network
» Robotics
» Particle Swarm Optimization
» MicroController
» Website Designing & Development
»Enterprise Applications Development using J2EE
»Flex Development
»Mobile Applications Development
»Open Source Development
»Cloud Computing Development
»Mean Stack Technologies Development
»SEO Implementation
»Database Framework
»Data Science
»Data Analyst
»Data Mining
»Data Warehouse
»Ecommerce Development
»Statistical Quality Control
»Big Data & Analytics Development
»Sofware Engineering
» & there are many more areas available at TechnoSoft Informatics Development Centre


»Candidates ( UG OR PG Degree - Pursuing OR Completed ) Eligibility:
at least 60% in X, at least 65% in XII, 65% in Graduation and 65% in Post Graduation
»BE CS , IT & EC Students, BTECH / BSC/ BCA/ MTECH / MCA Students
test & an interview involving technical round with projects


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NOTE: We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for our services & employment too without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity, disability status or any other characteristic protected by law.
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