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A Right Place To Get Complete | Updated | Innnovative | Right IT Training With Practical Exposure & Projects
TechnoSoft Informatics is a leading Brand in the field of IT and Corporate Training in Indore,offering a wide range of end-to-end IT services in training.TechnoSoft Informatics is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified center of education for anything and everything about Software Training & Development. In this campus latest technologies, innovative training methodologies and quality education are blended together for the creation of unique learning experience.We are giving a platform to the IT professionals/Students and those who believe in taking part with high quality.

We are dedicated to provide variety of training features for students in this field with different IT tracks. We provide qualitative and job oriented training to the students in accordance to the requirement of current IT industries.

Training covers Lecture sessions, Lab Sessions, Case Studies, Research session, Analysis session, Designing session and development sessions.TECHNOSOFT INFORMATICS's vision to provide training is to enhance the practical knowledge of aspiring students for IT industry and thus contribute in making of quality software engineers.

Well researched and quality course training modules have been designed by IT industry experts who possess years of experience in this field. All the courses are enriched with a high end curriculum and they are imparted to the students by an experienced group of professionals. The courses offer complete value in every way as they have been planned as per the changing innovations in the IT industry.

Stay Up-To-Date With Best Practices & Industry Trend. A UNIQUE IT COURSE PATH TAILOR MADE FOR YOU...


  • C Language Programming ,
  • C++ OOPs Programming,
  • Data Structure through C/C++/JAVA with Programming
  • Engineering Data Structure through C/C++/JAVA with Programming
  • R Language Programming
  • Fortran, Pascal, Cobol, MATLAB, Scala


  • Core Java, Advanced Java,Corporate Java/J2EE(Java 2 Enterprise Edition)
  • MVC , Web Services
  • Network Applications Programming
  • JSON Programming
  • iBATIS Programming
  • Python Programming
  • IoT Applications Programming


  • Object Relational Mapping (ORM) frameworks: Hibernate, EJB3(Enterprise Java Beans)
  • Framework: Struts, Tiles, Spring, XML, WebLogic/JBoss
  • Web Services
  • Remote Object


  • Android
  • iOS
  • J2ME
  • Blackberry
  • Phone Gap
  • Kotlin

OTHER ADVANCED COURSES: expand possibilities

  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Neural Networking,
  • Robotics,
  • Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Biometrices
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Java Flex


  • Big Data Hadoop
  • Map Reduce
  • Apache PIG
  • Apache Flume
  • Apache Spark
  • Mahout
  • Hive
  • Sqoop
  • Zookeeper


  • Oracle,PL/SQL
  • SQLite
  • DB2
  • Oracle Framework
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL


  • Complete Web Designing & Development Training Using Java
  • Complete Web Designing & Development Training Using J2EE
  • Complete Web Designing & Development Training Using PHP
  • HTML5, Bootstrap
  • JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, Flex,Flash ,ActionScript
  • JQuery, AngularJS, WebSphere, Ruby On Rails
  • Uploading & Management


  • Perl, Shell, Python, AngularJS, WebSphere, Ruby
  • Selenium webdriver
  • Core PHP,Advanced PHP
  • Zend Framework
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Cupcake PHP
  • ZenCart
  • Drupal
  • CodeIgniter


  • Mongo DB ,
  • Express JS ,
  • Angular JS,
  • Node JS,


  • Public cloud,
  • Community cloud,
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud


  • Payment Gateway Integration,
  • Secure Shopping Cart Solutions,
  • Credit Card Processing Integration,
  • SMS & Mail Alert Integration Technique
  • Social Networking Integration


  • Minor Project Training,
  • Major Project Training,
  • Live Project Training,
  • Research Based Project Training,
  • IEEE Based Project Training,
  • TGMC Project Training,
  • MVC Project Training,
  • C++ OOPS Based Project Training,
  • Network Based Project Training,
  • Web Based Project Training,
  • Mobile Based Project Training,
  • Robotics Project Training,
  • Rich Internet Applications Project Training,
  • S/W Based Project Training,
  • Cloud Computing Based Project Training,
  • MicroController Based Project Training,
  • Big Data Based Project Training,
  • Enterprise Based Project Training,
  • Artificial Intelligence Based Project Training,
  • Machine Learning Based Project Training,
  • Neural Networking Based Project Training,
  • Gaming Based Project Training
  • And Many More Areas...

Dissertation / Research Papers & Projects Training

  • Particle Swarm Optimization,
  • Artificial Intellegence,
  • Reliability,
  • Sensors Equipments
  • Security Enhancement
  • Research Modules On Mobile Platform
  • Research Modules On Web Platform
  • Databases and Data Streaming,
  • Mobile/Wireless, Computer Networks,
  • Computer Architecture and Embedded Computing,Security,
  • Load Balancing,
  • Compilers and Programing Languages
  • Discovery, Learning, and Cognition
  • Software Engineering,Algorithms
  • Graph Theory, Computational Geometry
  • Grid and High Performance Computing
  • Biometrics and Vision
  • Internet and Web Technologies
  • And Many More Area....



Taking up certifications and being certified increases the credentials of a candidate. Once certified in a particular technology, the level of knowledge a candidate is being accepted universally and is valued. A certificated candidate is much preferred when it comes to an interview or even be it a promotion. It helps the holder have an edge over the competition.Certification is central to the learning process as it provides validation of skill sets for specific job roles.

Some major reasons to get Certified:
1. Higher Earning Potential:
Certified individuals usually earn more money than their non-certified peers.
2. Hiring Advantages Over Non-Certified Professionals:
If you are in the market for a new job, a Java certification can help you stand out from non-certified candidates. According to a recent survey by CompTIA, ďAmong IT hiring managers, nearly two-thirds (64 percent) rate IT certifications as having extremely high or high value in validating skills and expertise. Eight in ten human resources (HR) professionals surveyed believe IT certifications will grow in usefulness and importance over the next two years.ď Recruiters also often seek out those with Java credentials.
3. One of the Most Highly Recognized Certifications in the Industry:
There have been over 600,000 Java certifications granted worldwide so itís no wonder Java certification tops the list of most recognized certifications in the industry. Oracle offers a complete certification path for Java from an Associate level to Master level so whether you are just getting started with Java or have years of experience, you can validate your skills with a Java certification. The Java Certification path has also been designed to align to real-world job roles and functions so you can specialize in areas that are relevant to your day-to-day job and career goals.
4. Address Knowledge and Skill Gaps:
Going through Java certification training not only helps you prepare for your exam, but can also make you a better programmer/developer. Preparing for a certification gives you a reason to brush up on what you already know and do every day. It can also teach you something new. Everyone has skills they excel at and others that they are weaker at. Certification preparation can help you round out your skill set.
5. Certification Offers a Natural Progression to Boost the Career Growth:
Taking up certification and being certified increased the credential of a candidate. Once certified in the technology , the level of knowledge the candidate is being accepted universally and is valued. A certified candidate is much preferred when it comes to an interview or even be it a promotion. It helps the holder have an edge over the competition. Certification is a central to the learning process as it provides validation of skills sets for specific job roles.
6. Skilled Java Developers and Programmers are in high demand
According to a recent Dice study, Java development has supplanted IT security as the most difficult skill set for hiring managers to locate. Additionally, Java and Java EE Development has once again topped the Foote Partners year IT Skills Hot List.
7. Networking and Exclusive Community Benefits
Through classes, online forums, networking sites, and technical conferences you can engage with others who share your interests and can be resources when you are looking for support on something. This network can be useful as you progress in your career. Additionally, as an Oracle Certified Professional, you will have special access to our exclusive LinkedIn communities so you can engage with other certified peers.
8. Help Your Company Increase Business
This may be specifically relevant in the government IT sector. Some contracts allow for only hiring companies with certified If youíre self employed as an IT consultant or analyst, having certification to back up your work experience can be crucial in getting new clients. Those companies will know that you have a certain level of knowledge, and will look at your resume more favorably.
9. Increased Performance
According to study done by IDC it was found that Java certification has a positive impact on improving organizational performance. Teams with 50% of team members certified on relevant Java technologies and processes perform at the top tier of operational performance. Team performance improves dramatically when more than 50% of the team is certified. Having 50% of a development team certified in Java can improve performance in application development by more than 40%. Training, and ultimately certification, is critical to improving overall IT performance..
10 . Boost Your Confidence Even if you know how smart you are, it still feels really good to earn a credential like this. As an added bonus, you can hang your certificate on the wall as well to show your technical expertise to your co-workers, clients, friends and family.
Java SE
Java is the number one development platform and the number one language for enterprise development. Investing time in earning Java SE Certifications will identify you as one of an elite group of well-trained, highly skilled programmers who can effectively create and maintain critical applications.
Java EE
With Java EE Certifications, demonstrate a wide range of skills that extend well beyond fundamental Java programming. Prove that you are capable of architecting systems, defining requirements and overseeing execution when compared to other candidates in the job market
.Certification offers a natural progression to boost your career growth.


Our Objective

Our objective is to deliver all the project development tools knowledge to you through our training sessions. Our Project
training program covers number of different phases & steps to complete any of the real life/Live Project/Minor/Major
Project/Research based project. We provide project training on number of real time subjects based projects and modify
these courses according to the need of every student.
  Importance Of Projects With Training In Your Career:
  • It is the first step of career where maximum questions in interview will be from the projects,
  • It gives hold on the technology,
  • It is a platform to implement what you have learnt,
  • It gives you a brief idea of trouble shooting in real time,
  • It gives you an exposure that how to work in a team,
  • It gives you an exposure that how to present your work ,
  • MNC's also give more importance to real time projects.













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